Monday, May 3, 2010


So I had a bit of a mishap yesterday at my spinning guild meeting.

I broke my favorite spindle. My Golding...... (insert sad face here)

How did I do this? Oh, it's good.... real good....

I freakin sat on it. Can you believe it?

Can you see the crack? To the left? No? Well here, lemme show you another picture:

Now can you see it? Groan............ So what would you say if you just sat on your spindle? Well the first thing that came to mind and my lips was a very loud "SHIT!"

Moving on..... cause I got to. Before I sat on the above spindle, I took a trip to Lowe's on Saturday for one thing and ended up getting the one thing and the makings for this:

Pretty nifty eh? Oh and it spins like a dream....


  1. Just apologize to the Golding and get a wee bit of wood glue on a toothpick and she'll be alright (is it a she?)

  2. ohnoes! You could look on the bright side - at least it didn't get...stuck. *ahem* THAT would have left a mark.

    Try the glue, or since we are in show season right now, maybe you could talk to the Golding people in person?

    Cool handle spinner!

  3. One in, one out?

    Or did you tempt fate by making a new one?