Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woops! I forgot to blog!

I promised my self that I would be a better blogger this year. I am trying I really am.

Doesn't help that I have been sick for a couple of weeks. First a stomach bug now a cold. Just don't feel like doing much of anything ya know?

I do have a couple of finished projects for 2010 though. First is a scarf that I made for my LYS. I taught this class too. It's a beautiful lace scarf. The yarn is Wagtail yarns and it is 100% mohair. So I didn't keep the scarf, it's being displayed at the yarn store which is fine. I hope it sells yarn! Here is a picture of it:

Next up is my new favorite hat. It is the Selbu Modern hat. Why do I love it so? It's warm, it looks good on me (I think), it's soft and I think my color work is getting better:

Not much snow in the background of this picture. It melted then we got some more. I am sure we will get much more before winter is over...anyway enough about the snow. The yarn I used is Dale of Norway Baby Ull. Love this yarn.

One of my goals for 2010 is to do more color work and this pattern helped alot. I have in my queue a hat with 8 different colors. Piece of cake right? Ha!

I am really going to try and do better with the blog. I have more handspun yarns to share (I will bring back pretty yarn Friday) and more FO's are in my future. I have like 4 projects going at once right now.