Monday, May 24, 2010


Got myself a new gizmo on Sunday.

I have been wanting one of these for a long, long time. How freakin' cool is this? Way!
So I did a little "app" shopping. Free ones of course to start. Need to get my feet wet first. So my favorite at the moment is this app:

Comes in quite handy at work. I thought I was getting the one where I could say Shut up in all kinds of languages, but it only came in English.
Then I went for this doo-hicky

Yeah, I know, everyone has this too. But I am on the slow boat here. Trying to catch up.
If you know of any free apps that are cool send me a linky. Even the ones you have to pay for. I would gladly check them out.
I will have some knitting and spinning to show very soon.


  1. Salt City SpinnerMay 24, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    Cool! Did you see Carrie's spinning app? Very necessary... makes me wish I had one!

  2. Fancy! My husband is very jealous. :)

  3. All of the apps I use seem to be knitting or spinning, food and books! I really like the iSpin Toolkit app. So far I've used the WPI tool and the ruler the most. Some other good ones (and free) are the urbanspoon app for finding places to eat and the one from All Recipes for recipes. Oh, and just for fun, the koi pond (free and paid) is a relaxing one with the sound of water flowing.

  4. OOOHHHH. Great gizmo!! I have about 10 pages of apps! I can't remember which ones are free, tho. I could e-mail you screen shots so you can check them out. LOL!
    A great knitting counter = StitchMinder. Love Flashlight. GoodReader is fantastic for downloading PDF's to your phone...even from Ravelry! TipStar for tipping amounts. And you MUST, MUST get Plants vs. Zombies. MUST!