Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knitting disaster 2010

Yes, we have our first disaster of 2010. I am really surprised it didn't happen before. If you want to turn away you can.

I knit the son this great hat for Christmas. He LOVES it! (what's not to love)

In fact he loved it so much he put it in with his dirty clothes and YEP!!!

It got washed........ (poop)

Insert a sad face here..... :-( sigh.........
He did feel bad (a little) So now I gotta make another one. I really liked this hat too. So I don't really mind.
Got a bunch of stuff I am working on in the mean time.
My sock isn't really seeing much action these days.....

Perhaps it could be because I am making a scarf for another class I am teaching at my lys. This is a pattern that I didn't design. I am sure it will look a lot better when blocked. The yarn is gorgeous! It is Wagtail Yarn from Australia. It is so so soft. Like butter. I think it's 100% mohair too.

I am trying to feel the love for the sock head hat too.....

I have this horrible feeling it's going to be ginormous!
Please encourage me not to give up....


  1. Don't give up!

    I wouldn't be able to believe how HUGE Little Geek has gotten except that I have one of those teenager things in my house too. lol He looks great!

  2. What's the hat pattern? You're right, it's a great hat. Would love to try one.

  3. Don't Give Up! It's going to be a great hat!

    Please, please, please bring your new mohair scarf for show and tell! I wish I could join the class.

    Does the shrunken hat now fit you?

  4. Aww that stinks. :( Can the hat fit someone else? Maybe a little kid?

    I had that happen by accident with a sock once. DH has now learned not to wash any of my handknit socks unless I specifically say he can, lol.

  5. Oh no! Too bad about the hat. I'm glad you're re-doing it though because it's great! Where are you teaching?