Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woops! I forgot to blog!

I promised my self that I would be a better blogger this year. I am trying I really am.

Doesn't help that I have been sick for a couple of weeks. First a stomach bug now a cold. Just don't feel like doing much of anything ya know?

I do have a couple of finished projects for 2010 though. First is a scarf that I made for my LYS. I taught this class too. It's a beautiful lace scarf. The yarn is Wagtail yarns and it is 100% mohair. So I didn't keep the scarf, it's being displayed at the yarn store which is fine. I hope it sells yarn! Here is a picture of it:

Next up is my new favorite hat. It is the Selbu Modern hat. Why do I love it so? It's warm, it looks good on me (I think), it's soft and I think my color work is getting better:

Not much snow in the background of this picture. It melted then we got some more. I am sure we will get much more before winter is over...anyway enough about the snow. The yarn I used is Dale of Norway Baby Ull. Love this yarn.

One of my goals for 2010 is to do more color work and this pattern helped alot. I have in my queue a hat with 8 different colors. Piece of cake right? Ha!

I am really going to try and do better with the blog. I have more handspun yarns to share (I will bring back pretty yarn Friday) and more FO's are in my future. I have like 4 projects going at once right now.


  1. Yay, a new post! Your color work is wonderful and it does look good on you! Any chance of getting that scarf pattern? Is it be for sale? Hope you feel better very soon!

  2. The hat is beautiful! I always seem to really get into the swing of colorwork...riiiiight before the project is done. You did a fantastic job and it DOES look good on you!

  3. I want to practice more with my colorwork, too! Unfortunately, I've decided to jump right into a vest that is nothing but! And not only that, but it requires steeking, which scares the heck out of me! So we'll see how I do... haven't cast on yet because I think I'm too terrified!

  4. Your hat is amazing. I just finished my first colorwork--a tiny 8 row design made a band around my hat. Can't imagine doing what you did!

  5. Scarf is lovely. Beautiful shade of red! The hat is very nice. Such delicate colorwork.

  6. Love the scarf - what is the pattern? I have a little skeinlet that is calling out for lace and this looks like a good choice.

  7. Hi there, I found your site searching for some crochet and knit patterns and just wanted to say hi :)

    I was also looking at your old website and found some crochet stars in a circle that were really pretty ( about 1/2way down the page under "UFOS????"). I was wondering if you have a pattern for those stars that you would share with me, or if you knew of a book/site/etc. that would have the pattern. I want to make something special for my best friend and I know she would LOVE those stars!

    Keep up the beautiful work! :)


  8. Do we need to remind you to blog?? ;)