Sunday, January 3, 2010

What the.... how did... whoa!

Now how did I let this happen? January 4th and no Holiday well wishes? Jeesh! I am sorry. Happy New Year and Happy Holiday's!

I am going to do better this year about blogging. I really need to. So why not start with the 2009 round up.

So I knit a ton of shawls this year. Well maybe not a ton, but 6. Then I knit a couple of little shawlette's. I designed a couple of patterns (more to come this year!!) made a lot of hats and did a lot of spinning!

I am not really good about making and keeping New Year's resolutions. I see a lot of people are not going to buy so much yarn and knit from their stash. Which is good, but I am not going to promise that. No way. If I see something pretty, well.... I gotta have it.

I am going to try a new technique with my spinning or knitting. I don't know what it will be yet but I am going to try it. Perhaps short row heels on socks and navajo plying???

I need to make a sweater or 2 this year. That is a must. More socks can't hurt either. Shawls will just be a given.

I am also going to try and master fairisle knitting. I have a new book I got for Christmas "Norwegian Handknits" and it has some truly beautiful things in it. I want to make just about all I see in the book. But I think I may stick to mittens and a hat.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and here's to a new decade!

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  1. I think your New Year's Resolution should be to try Navajo ply. Get a hand painted roving and I'll show you how to have some stripy fun. Maybe you could do both N-ply and socks in one project! Whoo Hoo!