Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look at me go!

I'm bloggin' all the time now! Why? Because I can! YAY!!!!!!
(why didn't I get a laptop sooner?)

Any way.... you may remember a while back I started spinning the fiber we received from our guild for our holiday project. We received 5 little bags, 1 oz in each bag, of a different type of fiber. Remember?

This project is due the first weekend of December. I have 3 skeins done and started the forth. I am not nervous, I am not nervous, I am not nervous...... I will get it done, yes. Indeed.

Here is the 3rd skein:

mmmmm.....alpaca (50), merino (30), silk (20) I only got around 133 yards of this. Not worried. I have around 390 yards total for all 3. Plenty!

Here is what I have started next:

Here is what the top looks like:

It's superwash merino/bamboo/nylon. Lovely lovely stuff!

Why not a group shot?

I was wondering why the middle skein always looked fuzzy, then I realized it wasn't the camera! It's the angora. mmmmmm....say it with me now....


Not to be left out is my last bit to spin:

This my friends is superwash merino and tencel. After that? What to make! I got plans oh yes. Big plans!

Stay tuned to see how much of a BIG GEEK I really am!


  1. Those are some lovely, lovely colors!

  2. Woooo! Look at you go! Blogging, spinning... I've been thinking about a laptop, and a wireless router... maybe xmas, maybe next year...

  3. Hello Miss Geek

    Your dying is gorgeous!! The spinning is beautiful also. I have deciding if I want to try it, but can't buy a wheel. Was your spinning done with just a little bitty spindle?? i'll wait to hear. Maybe there is hope for me & spinning. pjd.