Monday, April 26, 2010

Prairie Rose Lace Shawl....

Is done. I have to say I really really really (3 reallys) enjoyed knitting this shawl. I even did the whole thing with out a lifeline! Wow! And CRAZY!

However........yeah but..... and uh, well....

I don't like the color. PEWP!

But all is not lost. I decided to send it off to a new home.

Mary Max. LOVES IT! And that's all that matters. I work with Mary. She is my friend at work. She KNITS! She totally gets the knitting thing. So she appreciates it.

Here is the ever popular "un-blocked" shot. Or as Jennifer (Holiday Yarns) likes to call "boiled ass" cause lets face it... unblocked lace looks like, well... boiled ass right?

but is sure blocks out purty....

Well, I guess I need to make one for myself now....but not now, now.

I have gone back to finishing up my light blue sweater. I may not finish it by the end of April, but I sure as heck am giving it a good shot.


  1. So nice of you to gift that away! Beautiful. I have several lace shawls in my queue and lots of fingering to knit but am intimidated by the blocking. Do you use wires?

  2. "boiled ass" OMG, you made me cackle out loud!!!! In front of a bunch of teenage boys... Glad Mary likes it, I'm with you about the color... I had SUCH problems w/ this shawl, but I was working from the written instruction not the chart. My girlfriend came over and read me the chart and got me beyond the problem row (between sections)... but I have this elbow tendonitis thing and am not knitting much... But I DO like the pattern... might bring it to some work thing I have to do on Saturday.

  3. Where can I get the pattern????????