Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simple Things

I finished my Simple Things Shawl on Tuesday. This is such a cute shawl pattern and it's simple too. Hence the name..

I really like how the picture came out above. Its all soft and fuzzy, like the shawl.

Here is a better picture though:

I used Araucania Ranco Multy. This pattern is perfect for variegated yarn. It let's the yarn talk and not the pattern.

I also made some yarn!

I hand dyed the roving (which was a natural brown color) and it came out a deep plum. Its BFL and very soft. I got around 170 yards of a worsted weight. Which seems to be the only weight I can spin...This will become a nice hat or cowl.

Now I got to get crackin on a picture for tomorrow! (it's "this moment") and I got nothin.


  1. LOVE the color in the shawl. And the yarn is my favorite, how rich!!!!

  2. Oh so pretty and I love green so, you know, I love it.

  3. Very pretty shawl...great colors. Your plum yarn is yummy! Plum yummy!!